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Planika Prime Fire

Planika Prime Fire


The Planika Prime Fire Insert is an automatic bioethanol fireplace, with extra fuel capacity of 5.5 litres and a burning time of 10 hours. This fire benefits from the automatic refill system, 2-stage flame height control with remote and Planika's own patented Burning Ethanol Vapours (BEV) technology.

This system uses the fuel inside the tank, heats it up and turns it into vapour, which is later ignited above the burner. This approach ensures that the heating process does not generate smoke, ash, soot or any unpleasant smell. Also, it does not require the installation of chimney or flue.

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Brand Planika
Style Built in
Heat Output 7KW
Dimensions 1320x710x450
Price £2,640.00
Fireplace Style Modern
Control Remote control or App
Frame Options Black Powder Coating

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