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Faber MatriX 450 650 I

Faber MatriX 450 650 I


The Faber Matrix range of gas fires blends clean, contemporary design with the latest technology. One-, two- and three-sided models feature impressive flame displays that generate ample warmth, while glass-fronted styles are all high efficiency gas fires. Full heat and flame control is possible via remote or an app installed on your mobile.

The Faber MatriX 450 650 I is a compact front fire with the innovative Log Burner 2.0®. You can choose to have flames burn in the centre of the fire or around the log stack, and set their height with ease. The optional Faber Symbio® light module produces a realistic fire bed of glowing embers, creating a warm atmosphere even when the flames are burning low.


Brand Faber
Style Built in
Heat Output 6.8
Efficiency A
Dimensions 688x1068x502
Flue Type Balanced Flue
Fire Location Into existing chimney
Price £3,660.00
Fire View Three-sided view
Fireplace Style Modern
Flue Size Outer 150
Interior Matt Black, Black glass
Fuel Bed Ceramic logs
Control Remote control GV60 Premium, ITC app
Frame Options Frameless

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