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Gazco Stockton Medium

  • Gazco Stockton Medium  Gas Stove
  • Gazco Stockton Medium  Gas Stove

    Technical Information

  • Fuel type: Gas

  • Heat Output:  2.50 - 5.28kW

  • Efficiency: BF: 82% & CF: 78%

  • Colours: Matt Black

  • Fuel Bed: Logs, Coals

  • Control: Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable upgradeable


The Stockton Gas Stoves have been apart of the Gazco family for an extremely long time and they remain one of their most popular traditional gas stoves. The Stocktons' are available in Small, 5, Medium sizes. The Small Gas stove is designed to be and small enough to fit in the tightest of openings.