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Gazco Ashdon

  • Gazco Ashdon  Gas Stove
  • Gazco Ashdon  Gas Stove
  • Gazco Ashdon  Gas Stove

    Technical Information

  • Fuel type: Gas

  • Heat Output:  2.50 - 5.28kW

  • Efficiency: BF: 82% & CF: 78%

  • Colours: Ivory Enamel, Matt Ivory, Laurel Green, Matt Black and Midnight Blue

  • Fuel Bed: Logs, Coals

  • Control: Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable upgradeable


The Ashdon Gas stove is extremely traditional in design and can be selected with a Gothic style tracery door or a clear door. There is also a choice of colours Ivory, Green, Black and Blue.