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Ebios Bioethanol Fires

Subject to respond to an increasing demand for flue-less fireplace alternatives, Spartherm have launched their range of exclusive bioethanol fires branded ebios-fire® internationally. Comprising a wide selection of standard wall and floor fire models as well as built-in bioethanol fireplaces that can also be offered in custom-made sizes. Ebios-fire® bioethanol fires provide highest quality and beautifully designed uncomplicated, versatile and yet safe appliances for any home.

Working alongside architects and interior designers, the ebios-fire® team at Spartherm develop bioethanol fires & fireplaces for luxury developments, offices, hotels, restaurants and spas. Ebios-fire® products are sold via an extensive, independent retail network of specialist and designer outlets and Grate Expectations are proud to be included in that group.

Ebios Bioethanol Cambridge 400 Fire Cambridge 400
Wall Mounted
Ebios Bioethanol Cambridge 600 Fire Cambridge 600
Wall Mounted
Ebios Bioethanol Elipse Wall Fire Elipse Wall
Wall Mounted
Ebios Bioethanol Oxford 600 Fire Oxford 600
Wall Mounted
Ebios Bioethanol Oxford 700 Fire Oxford 700
Wall Mounted
Ebios Bioethanol Quadra Wall Fire Quadra Wall
Wall Mounted
Ebios Bioethanol Elipse Case Fire Elipse Case
Floor Model
Ebios Bioethanol Elipse Z Fire Elipse Z
Floor Model
Ebios Bioethanol quadra Base Fire Quadra Base
Floor Model
Ebios Bioethanol Tower Fire Tower
Floor Model In Showroom
Ebios Bioethanol Kensington Insert Fire Kensington
Built-in Insert
Ebios Bioethanol Chelsea Insert Fire Chelsea
Built-in Insert In Showroom